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Our specialization in Sustainable Engineering and the experience of more than 20 years of our professionals, guarantee that we are the best choice for clients who want their projects to be treated with rigour and responsibility

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Drafting of Civil Engineering Projects

Drafting of Projects and Management of the Construction Works that define the Projects. Extensive experience in civil engineering. Collaboration in large projects both at a technical assistance and Health and Safety coordination levels.

Technical Consulting on Projects and Construction Works

Previous analysis and adaptation of projects and construction works to guarantee their efficiency and sustainability.

Topographic and Cartographic Services

Topographic surveys and digitization of terrain.

Transportation Engineering

Studies of Structures, Firm and Geometric Viability for the realization of special transports by Road and Railroad.

Certification of Sustainability of Special Transports

We guarantee the efficiency and sustainability of all the special transport projects that we carry out.

Traffic Studies

Studies and analysis of the impact on traffic of the routes of any exceptional transport.

Transport Efficiency Studies

Choice of itinerary for special transports based on the lowest consumption and the lowest emission of gases. As well as the best choice for the transport to be as sustainable as possible.

Analysis and Monitoring of Contracts and Construction Works

Verification of the correct processing and execution of projects both ours and third party´s.

Integrated Project Management

Turnkey projects for all types of engineering projects from beginning to end.

Site Management

Control of the correct execution and completion of projects according to good practices and their environmental sustainability.

Road survey, smart civil engineering 

Civil Engineering contributes to the comprehensive process of study and data collection to understand and evaluate the characteristics, condition and performance of roads. See more

Some of the projects we have worked on

estructura viviendas structure housing building

Housing Building Structure

Design and calculation of the Structure for the construction of a residential building in Madrid

nacelle transport transporte especial igea

Special Road Transportation

Study of structures and geometric viability, for the road transport of a Nacelle with a total transport weight of 568.32 tons and 92 meters in length

sercotel hotel valladolid

Valladolid Sercotel Structure

Calculation of the Structure for the construction of the Hotel “Sercotel Valladolid”

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